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Last updated: Apr. 2024

What is Speak to Earn?

Speak to Earn(Speak2Earn, or S2E) is Modak's unique reward system, the first of its kind in the world. It's built on the belief that every story holds value.

Modak's team wanted to create a platform that encourages the exchange of genuine messages in a constructive manner. They believe speaking authentically should be rewarded, and that's where S2E comes in.

By participating and engaging in activities on Modak, you can earn $WOOD rewards. These rewards incentivize users to contribute their voices and stories, creating a richer and more meaningful experience for everyone.

What is $WOOD?

$WOOD is Modak's native token. You can both earn and use it within the platform's ecosystem. There are several ways to earn $WOOD:

  • Engaging in video chats on the platform.

  • Participating in other activities, such as the check-in airdrop campaign.

As the Modak community grows, the team will continuously expand the use cases for $WOOD to further promote a positive and effective communication environment.

What are possible use cases of $WOOD?

Let's start off by looking at how Modak's S2E works.

Modak’s Speak-to-Earn Mechanism

The Speak-to-Earn goes beyond simply rewarding users for the amount of time they spend talking. Instead, it focuses on encouraging proactive participation and engagement, rewarding users for their contributions to the platform, such as:

  • Sharing valuable insights and perspectives

  • Actively participating in discussions

  • Providing constructive feedback

  • Hosting engaging events and meetups

So, let's take a look and see how $WOOD can be the fuel for such environment.

$WOOD: The Base token for Modak's Ecosystem

$WOOD, the platform's native token, serves as the currency of Modak's ecosystem. Modak envisions a diverse range of use cases for $WOOD, including:

  • Rewarding other speakers for their contributions

  • Showing appreciation for valuable insights

  • Promoting events and initiatives

  • Facilitating marketplaces for unique items

  • Participating in governance-related decision-making

How many $WOOD tokens can I earn?

As Modak is still in its early stages of development, the $WOOD reward mechanism is constantly being refined and optimized. As the platform grows and evolves, we plan to develop a more comprehensive system based on user engagement and participation. This ensures that our token distribution remains sustainable and adaptable to the growing needs of the community.

Do I need a blockchain Wallet?

The short answer to this question is 'not necessarily.'

When you click on 'log in,' you will be guided to our log in popup like the image below.

As you can see, we support social logins so you can log in with one of your social media accounts if you do not have a crypto wallet.

OR if you already have blockchain/crypto wallet, you may log in with your crypto wallet as well.

! Modak supports all kinds of blockchain wallets.

Will my info be recorded on the blockchain?

At Modak, transparency and fairness are core values. We prioritize user privacy and do not record or store sensitive information like phone numbers, email addresses, facial features, or voices on the blockchain.

On the blockchain, only essential data related to reward distribution is recorded such as: a) time spent on reward-generating activities (e.g., timestamp and duration of video chat, check-in events), b) number of login attempts and firewood campaign participation.

This information is necessary to ensure accurate and fair distribution of rewards. We believe in a transparent system while safeguarding your personal information.

Who made Modak?

Modak is the collaborative effort of a small team of talented engineers and talented individuals. With deep expertise in WebRTC and VoIP technology, we saw the potential for Web3 to revolutionize communication and address the shortcomings of existing social/communication platforms. Driven by a shared passion for innovation and a desire to make communication more accessible, we put our collective knowledge and creativity into building Modak.

LaOnda operates as a service provider within the Modak ecosystem.

Should you have any questions or comments, please contact us at

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