How it Started

Let's talk about talk

Talk is the most widely used form of communication in our everyday lives.

Remember the last time you got someone's help? You wouldn't have been able to get any if you didn't talk to each other.

These everyday exchanges allow us to do more than just small talk; they hold the potential to help, influence, and connect us on a deeper level.

Every discussion -- from casual dinner plans to an important business meeting -- is a valuable exchange of messages and ideas that shape each other's perspectives.

This power of communication is what inspires the MODAK team. Through our interactions with countless people, we've witnessed the profound impact of conversation.

That is why we dream of building a service that leverages the true value of conversation.

Hello World, from Modak

MODAK, the bonfire that sparks communication

We humans have used fire to connect and communicate with each other. From beacon, fireplace, and bonfire! The warmth and light from the bonfire gathered more people together, fostering community over time, countries, and even language barriers.

We learned that bonfire is called Modakbul in Korean, which means "to gather" and "to make a fire," which exactly suits the vision of our project.

MODAK is more than just a video calling platform, it's a space for people to connect and keep exchanging and spreading ideas, influence, messages, and so on!

Just as people gather around a campfire to share stories, MODAK allows people to communicate naturally and comfortably.

WOOD: The key to keeping the MODAK ecosystem alive

Just as a fire needs wood to keep the flame burning, the core element of the MODAK ecosystem is the WOOD token. WOOD is a utility token that users earn when they share and interact with knowledge, information, and inspiration. With WOOD, users can connect with more people, contribute to the development of the Modak platform, and earn rewards.

To keep it burning - Future Plans

MODAK is developing various features such as Campfire, Coffee Chat, Meetup-Virtual Event, and more to enrich the overall interactions and communications. MODAK will introduce more features with the $WOOD token and expand into a communication platform on Web3.

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